Mike Bridge is a composer, songwriter and producer of TV & Computer Game music based in Hampshire, UK.

After starting out as a Bassist and Guitarist in local bands growing up in Redditch, Mike went on to study a Degree in Contemporary & Popular Music at the Academy Of Contemporary Music in Guildford. During this time studying under acclaimed media music composer Nic Rowley, he discovered his passion for writing music, particularly writing music for visual productions such as TV music, Film music and music for computer games.

Mike further continued his studying whilst already working full time as a composer, completing a Masters degree in Music for Film in 2015.

Throughout his early career in working for Gems TV, production staff moved on from the company and began recommending Mike to new companies, allowing him to gain new work in the TV & Games industries with Retail companies such as Argos, B&Q and Mattalan, providing music for adverts plus various online and in store media. This even included a couple of jobs providing sound effects and music for childrens toys.

Mike also started out working for Endemol on another recommendation which started his path into the games inustry, which is the predominant sector Mike works in to this day. Since starting out with Endemol, and subsequently Camelot, Mike has created music and sound effects for over 200 games.

Mikes technical ability with the electric guitar, and bass guitar coupled with his skill at composing full orchestral film scores gives his TV music compositions a definite originality, often combining elements of classical and film score music with contemporary rock and pop songs. This kind of contemporary film score music is nowhere more apparent than in his own originals band Viriditas.

Mike’s commitment to creating the best sound possible using modern production techniques and ability to work to any deadline means that TV producers are always more than satisfied with his level of work and regularly come back to work with him again on new composition projects, and as a result of being so easy to work with, Mike has prided himself on the fact that recommendations alone are what has allowed his company to grow into what it is today.