Corporate Rock

Sometimes people just need an unobtrusive, uplifting ‘corporate’ track. It’s always good to give a little of your own creative spark, in this case the double tierce-de-picedie ending is an example of this. It gives an interesting twist on the normally uninspired ‘coldplay’ sound that just about every agency is looking for.

Personally I tend to draw the line at ukulele and clapping tracks, which seem to be the go-to instrument combo for corporate music at the time this was written. That sort of lo-fi sound with a quirky modern twist really has been done to death, you see it all over kitchen appliance adverts, or low-budget loan and banking ads. In a few years it will be replaced by something equally annoying, but at the moment it’s dominating the music library market.

21st April 2014 Star Struck live, Rock