Loading Scene Music

Quite often, computer games developers are on the lookout for music to play whilst the end user is waiting for the game to load, often this needs to be at a low dynamic, yet still interesting, as there is little else, if anything going on. the music needs to be incremental enough as to be interesting, yet not get annoying after many repeats, as loading screens may end up coming up numerous times in a session.

With this in mind, this piece of music was written with a gradual increase in dynamic. It starts very sparse and minimal, with an interesting reverse-compressed side-chained synth and kick drum, which gradually builds in instrumentation until it reaches it’s climactic point.

The plan with this track was to have the more intense sections of music later in the track, as the loading screen would hopefully not always take long enough to reach this section, so the music would remain fresh to the user even after many listens, as in game development different loading screens would be loading for different periods of time.

February 2014 Computer Game Cutscene/Loading Screen Music electronic, orchestral