Dungeons And Dragons Commission – Halfling Camp

Probably the most fun I’ve ever had writing music. This track was commissioned by the Orange County Gaming Group in the US. They provide a bespoke music library to their community of D n’ D players. Each specially written mission of theirs comes complete with a soundtrack to set the scene, and also voice actors and monsterscape sound effects.

This track was written as an introduction from the players to a camp of halflings, or hobbits. The brief was to write something in a folk style with emphasis on their carefree and earthy way of life. The music was written with a kind of Irish folk feel to it, with accordion, fiddle and acoustic guitar.

The vocals were also written by myself, something I don’t do very often, as I’m a perfectionist and I tend to spend far too long on getting the rhythm and feel right, but in this case it paid off.

the finishing tough was go get some friends round, have a few beers and get singing. If only every vocal session was this fun!

May 2014 Dungeons And Dragons Commission - Halfling Camp orchestral, World Music