Hotel Advert Music

Creating repetitive ‘house’ style music isn’t necessarily my favourite style of composition, as composition skills don’t tend to be stretched much when you’re creating looped music. The effort is instead spent less on coming up with melodies and chord progressions and more on getting the specific sounds that you want and getting EQ filters and other production techniques right.

This track has proven very popular with adverts, and has been used in a number of cases in on-line adverts, as well as a few TV ads. while the music is very repetitive, the brass melody provides some melodic interest while still remaining pretty neutral. Lots of agencies prefer this kind of music for corporate style adverts and documentaries, as it is a safe bet, I always try to encourage a little more originality, even in tracks like this, just to give the watcher something more interesting and inspired to listen to.

2013 Aston Hotels - Advert Track electronic, Rock