Quirky Detective/Mystery

A very stylised piece of music, written for a more light hearted visual. This piece portrays a kind of humorousness which is often describes as ‘quirky’. The cartooniness of the music is lent to by the Lydian scale which is so dominant throughout the track. This coupled with the percussive pizzicato strings and the comedic woodwind phrases very much puts the track in the niche of light heartedness and almost slapstick like in it’s comedy.

This piece was written with a specific kind of genre of film in mind. It would be most successful in a comedy film environment, either as an underscore, or as an accompaniment to a none-dialogue film scene.

This style of music is also becoming more popular for games developers in the ‘casual’ games genre, such as puzzles and platformers.

February 2014 Quirky Detective or Sneaky Music for TV orchestral